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silicon valley (SV)

Private Networking Circle

San Jose, CA

Welcome to PHB’s Silicon Valley (SV) Circle! In addition to being located in the heart of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, what makes our Circle special is that it is Promote Her Business’ flagship Circle, and it’s acting as a template for creating a global model to expand Circles world-wide!

When you join our Circle, your will be locking arms with some of the most supportive, purpose-driven and trailblazing Women Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, while learning the best ways to promote your business and each other:

Online. Offline. All the time.

Keep in mind that Silicon Valley is known to lead the world in the most innovative, trailblazing ideas … and SV Circle is one of them, being a “hybrid between a favorite networking group and a year-round marketing/sales training program!” We are one-of-a-kind forward thinkers, leading the charge in Advanced Networking… but don’t take our word for it. Experience our empowering, exclusive Circle of trust for yourself.

Meet our Circle Organizer(s)

Josephine “Jōs” Hanan | Circle Organizer

Business-wise: In addition to being the CEO/Founder of PHB International, I’m a Strategic Messaging Coach & Speaker, who supports clients across industries to  “Write in a Way that Sells and Compels”. You can learn more about what I do by clicking here.

Wellness-wise: My favorite Healthy-Her activities include Zumba, NetWalking, Nia, UJam Fitness, steam rooms, and eating healthy foods — which taste good — and which I don’t have to cook:)

Circle-wise: I am passionate about being a Circle Organizer because I love speaking, leading teams, facilitating events, and continuing to grow myself as a leader. I’m also excited about our Circle being a critical template to creating a scalable, duplicatable model to expand Circles world-wide!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about attending Circle or want to schedule a Win-Win to see how we can best support each other!
Email me at: jos@PromoteHerBusiness.com

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