Join Us for THE Sensory Marketing Event

Learn Sensory Marketing
to Increase Your Sales

Wed, July 31, 2024
11 am – 1 pm Pacific Time
via Zoom Video Conference

Did ya know:
People buy with emotion & justify with logic?

Learn ground-breaking Sensory Marketing – helping you connect with and amplify emotion.

In this Advanced Marketing Training, discover how to engage the senses to evoke an emotional, behavioral and/or memorable response from your ideal audience.

During the Event, workshop your unique approach to Sensory Marketing for your biz & brand. Then, participate in multiple rounds of virtual peer-mentoring with Women Entrepreneurs.

Join Us for Advanced Marketing Training for Women Entrepreneurs

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Get More Sales through the Senses!

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ Sensory Marketing Training . . .

Thoughtful and insightful explanation of Sensory Marketing, with depth and perspective about each of the senses, and so much concrete opportunity to apply to my own business and then practice talking about it with other women. Very rich, grounded, action oriented, and brought it into bite-size doable steps.
Sharon Ann Rose
Owner and Creatress, Sharon Ann Rose
I enjoyed integrating the different senses to create a powerful marketing message connecting with the audience. I also loved the case studies/ comparison training.
Zainab Rasool
Living Benefits Specialist, PFA
I give this event a 5 out of 5! The Sensory Marketing information was well introduced. There were clear examples, both visual and auditory. I met someone new who wants to connect, and I reconnected with two people who want to reconnect soon.
Marilyn Atteberry
Partner and Licensed Avatar Master, Boomers to Bloomers
Using the outcome of the workshop to actually create a commercial was very valuable. Not only did I come up with a clear commercial, but it gave me a clearer visual of my purpose.
Lisa Pierro
Life Coach, UrDiscovery
I learned so much at the event that I can use in my marketing. I'd never really heard of sensory marketing before this event. I usually respond better to learning new things when there are plenty of real world examples showing how to apply the concepts which this training had. The breakout sessions also helped me to practice what I'd just learned. I'm looking forward to using the formula taught in my business.
Ann Hooper
Accountant & Financial Coach, Clear Profit Solutions

What to know about Attending the “Sensory marketing” Event…

Learn how to leverage sensory marketing to get more biz

GET ADVANCED MARKETING TRAINING: During The "Sensory Marketing" Event, learn how to incorporate all 6 senses into your marketing strategy to impact and resonate with your ideal audience more than ever!


AMPLIFY YOUR MEMORABILITY: Are you soooo done asking other entrepreneurs the same "what do you do" question and getting the same boring answers? Let's get creative and more compelling as Women Entrepreneurs!

During this empowering event, you'll amplify your emotional appeal by sharing your biz in a sensory way during the event itself!

Participate in Multiple Rounds of Virtual Peer-Mentoring Breakouts

APPLY LEARNING AS YOU'RE NETWORKING: You will have the opportunity to apply what you've learned to your unique biz. Then during multiple breakouts, participate in peer-mentoring with other inspiring, supportive Women Entrepreneurs, while sharing interesting information about who you are as a business.

Walk Away with a plan for WILD SUCCESS

TRANSFORM LEARNING INTO A CUSTOM PLAN: Create your “Sensory Marketing 30-Day Success Plan,” so you can create wild success in your marketing & sales.