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Your Signature Spiel

It’s time to stand out and shine!

The most common question Women Entrepreneurs get asked is:

“What do you do?”

And just because the question gets boring to hear, it doesn’t mean that your answer can’t be extremely interesting.

HER Signature Spiel Training Video

Watch Now!

Fill out the Workbook as you watch . . .

Step 1: Learn

Watch the “HER Signature Spiel” training video (above). Follow the step-by-step process to write, re-write and put your “signature” on your Spiel.

It’s time to have your ideal audience hang on your every word . . . from your lead-in sentence to your ending call to action. All while being your authentic, purpose-driven self!

In this video training, we’re teaching you how to develop a 1-minute “Signature Spiel” that will help you be remembered, repeated, and responded to more quickly.

Step 2: Uplevel

Lean on PHB’s global sisterhood to give you feedback and peer mentor you during PHB Events and Win-Wins.

All year round, follow PHB’s proven Advanced Networking framework to become more clear, concise, catchy, credible, and compelling!

Continue to tweak your Signature Spiel, so it’s aligned with your signature brand, and it’s something your referral partners can easily remember when referring you.




Hang tight . . .