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Start a Private Networking Circle

Create your exclusive Circle of trust, support and friendships!

If you’re a Promote Her Business (PHB) Member, consider leading an empowering, close-knit Circle of typically 6-15 Women Entrepreneurs who learn together, grow together, have fun together and promote the heck out of each other’s businesses!  

A Circle is intentionally smaller and more exclusive, so all Circle Sisters can know All Circle Sisters, and you can build inspiring, Win-Win relationships and long-lasting friendships! It’s your choice if your Circle will be virtual, in-person, or a hybrid. . . if your Circle has a specific professional interest . . . and when’s the most convenient time for you to lead it. 

Also, great news! It’s Free to Start a Circle as a PHB Member (there are no additional costs or fees). 

Private Networking Circle is the most intimate way to Network HER Way!

A Message from PHB’s Founder & CEO


Thanks for your interest in starting your own PHB Private Networking Circle (PNC)! 

It’s Simple to do. It’s Fun to Facilitate, and it’s Low Time-Commitment. 

Plus, your empowering leadership can have a HUGE IMPACT on shining the brightest spotlight on the most important Women Entrepreneurs in your life.  

I’m here to coach you on what you need to succeed. Let’s schedule a Free 30 min Chat!  

Why It's Awesome to become a Circle Organizer...

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ to Start Circles . . .

Is Starting a Circle Right for You?

We Sure Hope So!

As a Circle Organizer (and PHB Member) you’ll get so much support. Here is just a sampling of the resources and mentorship you will receive to ensure you love facilitating your Circle.

How Women Entrepreneurs Benefit from Leading . . .

I’ve enjoyed being in front and leading a discussion, as well as marketing my business. At events I’ve met with my target audience, entrepreneurs who want to support me and I want to support them. Also the consistency and accountability of being a member and leader have helped me be a stronger business owner, bringing more value to the community.
Amy Robe
Associate at LegalShield
I’ve had the incredible privilege to lead, and it’s helped me gain skills like public speaking and learn how to collaborate with other Women Entrepreneurs more effectively... I’m especially grateful for the amazing people I get to meet, know and build meaningful relationships and dreams with!
Rosevera Amasa
Integrative Women’s Health and Nutrition Practice

your start-up questions . . .

It’s required that everyone is a PHB Member (unless they are a 1X Free guest)

A Circle typically consists of 6 to 15 supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs (or people who identify as female). These are women you trust, look forward to locking arms with, and are proud to promote.

*Although PHB is designed for Women Entrepreneurs, each Circle can use their own discretion about having other women — such as Executive Directors promoting their Non-profit etc — join your Circle.

PHB Private Networking Circles are FREE to start, because we want to shine the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs, and we don’t want any barrier to do this. 

With that said, because Circles have no Circle operating budget (whoo hoo — nothing to manage!), there may be small, nominal costs throughout the year.

For example: If you choose to do an in-person quarterly social, you may want to split the cost of food. Or if you do virtual, you may want to chip in for a “congrats your biz just hit 6 figures” card for a Circle Sister, etc.  

  1. Register your circle, so you can be “listed” on PHB’s public “Find a Circle” web page
  2. Set a Member goal (typically, 6-15 ladies). Then,  create a list of ideal members & Personally Invite them
  3. (Optional) Post about growing your Circle on Promote Her Business‘ Private Facebook group, so women can reach out to you about attending your Circle as a 1X free guest. 
  4. Regularly encourage members to invite 1X Free guests – who they really want to lock arms with — as part of your Circle format.  
  5. Keep in mind: This is your invite-only, exclusive Circle of trust, and it’s about quality over quantity of ladies in it. 

How do you keep ladies engaged – and avoid them losing interest — in between Kick-Off and Launch?

The answer is to keep the conversation going.  They’ll stay excited . . . as long as you stay in communication with them! 

A great way to keep the conversation going – with very minimal effort – is by starting a private FB Chat. 

That way,  ladies in your Circle  can get to know each other pre-launch, promote their biz (in accordance with your Circle’s chat rules), and be easily reminded — all at one time — of when the Launch will be.


Let’s say you just had your Kick-Off, and now, you’re waiting for the Launch. During this break in time, you meet ladies – who missed the Kick-Off – but seem like great ladies to be in your inner Circle. What do you do? 

One possibility is that you could add them to your Circle’s private FB Chat (with their permission).

That way, they can get to know other Circle ladies pre-launch, promote their biz (in accordance with your Circle’s chat rules), and be easily reminded — all at one time — of when the Launch will be.

The downside is that if they don’t become Founding Members, you’d need to take them out of the chat (and it’s super easy to add/remove ladies from chat). However, if you only want Members in your chat, that makes sense too.

A Private Networking Circle is a 1.5 – 2 hour event. We suggest telling everyone it’s a 2 hour event, as it’s always better to get out early than to go over depending on Circle business or voting in new members. (At SV Networking Circle, we’ve listed our time as 5:55pm-8pm, so Members arrive 5 mins early, so we can start on time and end on time.) 

Your Circle can be easily hosted virtually via Video Conference (like zoom) or in-person from your home/living room or office, at a time most convenient for your schedule. It can also be a hybrid of online Circle events plus in-person quarterly socials.

A Circle happens 2X per month. That way, you can build deeper relationships but not meet more than you have to, since everyone is busy. By meeting 2X per month, members are more likely to remember what each other does quicker and become tighter-knit. 

You will alternate between leading 2 proven, fun and easy-to-facilitate formats: Business Circle format and Relationship Circle format (which each have “done-for-you” power point slides). 


Circle Organizers who are most likely to successful are often described as:

  • Passionate about leading, speaking, empowering women, and continually growing themselves and their business.

Great Organizers are also excited about shining the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) in their Circle, so more people think of WEs 1st and buy from them 1st!

What do Circle Organizers do? (Only 6-8 simple things): 

1. Speak/Lead 2 empowering Circle formats per month (fun times!)

2. (As applicable) Answer guest questions, conduct new member vote & onboard new members

3. Help members communicate with each other and build deeper Win-Win relationships

4. Makes sure members are happy (Conduct surveys & think of new ways to UPlevel Member experience)

5. Keep Circle Organized (e.g., through “Everything” (one-stop-shop) spreadsheet, private FB chat, etc)

6. (As applicable) Lead discussions about quarterly socials & Favorite Cause

7. (As applicable)Transition/Mentor new Organizer(s) to lead Circle at the end of term

8. Strive to create the Best Circle Experience Ever & build friendships of a lifetime!

As a PHB Int’l Member, there is no additional charge to participate in a PHB Private Networking Circle.

When Non-PHB Member Guests attend,  please note that ALL Circles have a “1X and Join” policy, meaning your guest can attend 1X for Free before becoming a PHB Int’l Member online. Organizers simply send guests to the PHB website to join – easy, breezy. 

  1. Features all Circles on PHB’s public “Find a Circle” web page
  2. Provides “How to Run a Circle” training and powerpoint templates 
  3. Having Your Back Year-Round: Ask Jōs, PHB Founder/CEO, your most pressing questions throughout the year by scheduling a Free 30 Min Consult.
  4. Quarterly Circle Organizers Circle to “Elevate Your Circle” – share best practices, increase your enthusiasm, get peer-mentoring, get support from PHB.
Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.
Sheryl Sandberg
COO, Facebook

and more start-up answers:)

What’s your favorite reason(s) from PHB’s “Top 7 List”?

1. Be a positive influencer in your community & shine a brighter spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs

2. Speak more and get known for facilitating 2 powerful Circle formats (Relationship Circle & Business Circle)

3. Make biz friendships of a lifetime with fellow Women Entrepreneurs and explore what it means to “Network HER Way,” together

4. Share best practices in Marketing & Sales and peer mentor each other

5. Build more Win-Win relationships to gain more leads and referrals

6. Unite to discuss The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business

7. Create a strong, inner circle of Trust, Support and Referrals in your life!

Starting a Circle is a “High Value, Low Effort” experience: 

Plan your repeating Circle events around your schedule:

When will you have your 2 Circle events per Month?

Choose if each Circle event will be 1.5 or 2 hours. At PHB, we recommend 2 hours, as it’s better to end early, and sometimes you’ll have Circle Business or will be voting in new members…

Circle Organizer terms are just 1 year and then, you can re-evaluate where you’re at or if you want someone else to transition into the Organizer position. 

*You can also facilitate optional opportunities (like quarterly Socials and supporting a Favorite Cause) but it’s not required. 

1) When is your Circle? 

What repeating day/time do you meet? (ex: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays from 5:55-8pm Pacific) 

2) Where is your Circle being held?

Online?  In-person (home, biz, restaurant, etc)? Or Hybrid of online Circles plus in-person quarterly socials?  

3) Who is your Circle’s “intended audience”?

Ex: You can keep your audience as broad as Women Entrepreneurs across industries. OR you can be as specific as Women Entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, Women in Silicon Valley, Women of Color, or Women with eCommerce businesses, etc.

4) What will you name your Circle?

A) By Location — such as <Silicon Valley> Networking Circle OR

B) By Fun Idea — such as <Mani/Pedi> Networking Circle OR 

C) By something else that’s Positive – such as <The FunBiz> Networking Circle

Circle Members (also known as “Circle Sisters”) are in your “Home Circle”= the Circle you and your members are committing to regularly attend 2X per month. 

  • PHB Int’l Members are asked to officially declare a “Home Circle”, so it is clear to Organizers how many Members to setup for and if someone is officially in your Circle.
  • There is no such thing as just dropping into countless Circles and not committing to anything. The point of Circle is to develop deeper relationships through committing to each other. 

PHB Visitors =  PHB Members, who are visiting your Circle. It’s important to ask them if they are already in a Circle (and wanting to get to know other Sister Circle Members) OR if they’re looking to make your Circle their “Home.” The 1X Free Guest rule applies to 1X PHB Visitors in terms of making up their minds about joining your Circle. 

Guests = 1X Free Guests, who are not PHB Members yet. If voted in, they need to Become a PHB Member to join your Circle (it’s a pre-requisite). 

PHB has 2 fun, proven formats, which are used across All Circles: Business Circle and Relationship Circle.  

Once you register your Circle, you’ll receive access to both power points, which makes it really easy and fun to facilitate both Circle formats.

The choice is up to you. Circles have 1-2 Circle Organizers maximum.

Yes, you can run your Private Networking Circle by yourself. You’ll have an easy-to-facilitate template to guide you, as well as training & mentoring from PHB.

However, it can be more fun and less work to co-lead events with a friend.  Plus, members often like hearing multiple Organizers’ voices (and not just the same one leading over and over)

Absolutely.  PHB International will guide you along the way and give you a step-by-step, proven “Circle-in-the-Box” methodology to further your success.  

Upon becoming a Circle Organizer, you will have access to our “How to Run a Circle” training page, which contains links to Google Drive’s resources. 

You will also have direct access to PHB’s CEO/ Founder, Jōs. She promises to have your back and be there to answer any questions you have along the way:) Feel free to schedule a Free 30 min consult as needed. 

Also, feel free to visit other Circles – such as Silicon Valley (SV) Networking Circle (PHB’s Founding Circle) – to get a sense of how Circles are facilitated and how a Sister Circle forms tight bonds.

Why Women ❤︎ Leading at PHB . . .

PHB has made a direct difference in my business success by not only providing me a tribe of supportive women but insight on tips and tricks on how to personally and professionally grow. This has resulted in increased sales, milestones met and a newfound confidence in myself and how I work my business.
Freideleen Lou-Iwamoto
Life Solutions Agent
When I 1st joined PHB, my self-confidence was very low and I did not like to be in front of a crowd, speaking about anything. Now my self-confidence has grown to such a level as a Leader that I actually embrace & enjoy speaking. PHB has also helped me to learn how to listen better and truly be able to connect with others. This has helped my communication and effectiveness in growing my business…
Francie Schildhauer
LegalShield Associate



Hang tight . . .