The Top 7 Pet Peeves of Women Networkers

The Top 7 Pet Peeves of Women Networkers

Ladies, let’s face it: When you attend as many networking events/groups — as the Women Entrepreneurs in our Promote Her Business (PHB) community — in addition to accumulating business cards, it’s also easy to accumulate pet peeves.

And sometimes it’s best to get them out in the open — not to be negative or create drama — but rather, to be able to articulate what’s not working — or not working as well as you’d like… so you can tackle the issues head-on and create the Ultimate “Network HER Way” experience (which is exactly what we’re doing at Promote Her Business and appreciate your feedback too).

Here are THE Top 7 Networking Pet Peeves (I’ve heard about all sorts of networking groups over the last decade)…

Do any of these sound familiar? Or make you happy that other women feel like this too!!

1) Attendees Value Short-term Gains over Meaningful Relationships  

People only care about getting immediate business from you. And if you don’t seem to want to buy their products/services today, your relationship is over before it began.

2) Ego-centric 

People have no interest in what you do… they hardly ask you any questions. On the contrary, the only thing they care about is promoting their business until you make up an excuse to get away!

3) Not on the Same Page 

People don’t ask your permission before adding you to their list and/or are consistently calling you about attending events you never expressed interest in getting more information about.

4) Unwelcoming 

People act like they’re back in high school. They stand in circles with friends and make it very difficult for new people to break in. And when you talk, they nod their heads to pacify you and then, go back to their conversations, and never offer to introduce you to others.

5) Boring and Redundant

Sure, there are highly repeated, old-school formats for networking — such as where people sit in a circle week after week and do the same 1-minute commercial until you know everyone’s commercials so well that you want to bang your head against the wall, fall asleep or give yourself a high-five for taking yourself to the next level . . . of patience (lol).

And clearly, so many networking groups wouldn’t be boring their members with such an overused format if it didn’t produce results, right? Or, could there be more interesting formats to achieve the same (or even BETTER) results –but it’s just easier doing what’s always been done? 

What’s interesting is a lot of duplicated networking formats are done from a male paradigm — wouldn’t it be cool to explore what it means to “Network HER Way”? {Especially since it’s helping Women Entrepreneurs get more networking results than ever!} 

6) Painful to Watch

Oh, and don’t even get us started on forcing people with an extreme fear of public speaking to present their business in front of a group… as a “perk” of being in a group. Seriously?!! It’s like giving someone with a fear of spiders the “perk” of holding a tarantula at the zoo.

Although we can’t argue that terrified business owners are entertaining to watch (rolls eyes…) — the reality is that a tortuous business presentation is usually ineffective since it focuses both the speaker and the audience on the Wrong Thing.

Instead of focusing the entrepreneur on presenting their products/services in the best light; the entrepreneur is focused on not passing out in front of the audience, and in turn, the audience is focused on feeling sorry for them (as opposed to focusing on why they’d want to buy what they’re selling)!

7) In-authentic

And then, who hasn’t been to a “business” networking group (emphasis on Business), where people say that it’s all about “getting to know each other” socially, and it’s looked down upon to promote what you do? It’s always a bad sign when you start to feel Guilty that your Passion in life IS to help people through your business. Instead, you feel peer pressured to say your passion is some hobby (which you haven’t had time to do … while you were working on your real passion — your business!)

So, how does PHB Create a More Empowering Context for Networking? 

Although our Promote Her Business community is far from perfect — and we genuinely want Your Feedback on continually improving— here are some things we can promise you:

1) Focus on Deeper Relationships: 

We don’t believe in card-and-runs (where people take your business card and never follow up with you again). That’s why we have unique formats to build Deeper Relationships Faster. 

But don’t believe us, join us as a FREE Guest for PHB’s Virtual Speed Networking and build more inspiring, Win-Win relationships while applying one of “The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way” to get more Yeses & Referrals.

2) Put the Spotlight on Others: 

PHB’s events are designed to have Women Listen, have Vulnerable Conversations, and Ask Questions about each other’s businesses (goodbye ego-centric events!) We even go as far as to test our ability to promote each other during Win-Win 1:1’s by using something we call “The A+ Test.”  PHB Members are encouraged to participate in 2 Win-Wins per month — both at events like Global Networking Circle — as well as by initiating Win-Wins with our global sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs around their schedule. PHB Members are proud to shine the brightest spotlight on each other.   

3) Culture of “Soft-Selling”:

Pushing things on people is not cool, and neither is spamming Facebook groups! If you do this, PHB will not be a good fit for you. With that said, there is a difference between pushing others and promoting your business in agreed-upon ways on our Promote Her Business public Facebook. For example, feel free to participate in Promote Your Business Thursdays (where you can post any product, service, or event you’re offering) or #FavPostFriday (where you re-post other Women Entrepreneurs’ posts, so ladies get a second chance to see posts they might have missed).  Join our PHB FB group here. 

4) Collaboration over Competition: 

At PHB, we don’t do cliques — in fact, we design our events to get to know new people and to be peer mentors. Rather, we believe in collaboration over competition, so Women Entrepreneurs in the same industry can learn from each other and compare notes.

For example: PHB Round-Table Networking is an interactive and empowering way for PHB Members to share their business experiences, best practices, and sticking points . . . while Networking HER Way {aka: collaboratively}!

5) Networking HER Way: 

We believe there are many ways to get a successful result when networking — and using an overdone format doesn’t have to be one of them! That’s why PHB formats are very innovative and unique… and they aren’t like any other women’s group, business group, or networking group.  

At PHB, we “Network HER Way” … and put on 5 virtual, networking events each month, which are very fun, very memorable, and highly rewarding! 

For example: Ladies rave about our monthly, Wild Card Networking event.  Each month, PHB changes up the format to keep things interesting and go with the flow of what’s going on in the world. We’ve done Barter Networking, Promote-A-Friend, Declaration Rally formats, and more… Start PHB Membership for only $1 to experience what next month’s format will be (grin). 

6) Speaking Perks:

The only people who get the “perk” of speaking are Women who actually want to be on stage. When you become a PHB Member, you can apply to join or start a PHB Private Networking Circle — for no additional cost — and experience what having a 30-minute, Get-To-Know Spotlight is like!  In addition, you can regularly have your voice heard by posting to our  PHB FB group. 

7) Online and Offline Promotion: 

Women have been anonymous and hidden away enough over the centuries. We are called Promote Her Business for a reason, and we won’t bait and switch you when you join us. Yes, you will make new friends; yes, you can socialize; and yes, your business won’t be the only thing you talk about. 

But you will ALWAYS get to promote your business– without guilt. And we firmly believe in promoting your business and each other — Online. Offline. All the time.  The more people know us, the more they think of us 1st and buy from Women Entrepreneurs 1st. And we believe in focusing on promoting yourself – and your networking strategy – so much that we have Your Monthly Networking Plan zoom, so ladies can set themselves up for success month-over-month {together}. 

What’s the Next Step?

Have some of your biggest pet peeves have been addressed in the Promote Her Business community?

If so, we invite you to Start PHB Membership for $1 Today. 

Attend 5 virtual “Network HER Way” events per month around your schedule. Get to know our global sisterhood of Women Entrepreneurs to get more referrals, build more Win-Win relationships & inspire more women to do business with you.

Let’s Network HER Way! 


Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

PHB’s Dream for Women Entrepreneurs

PHB’s Dream for Women Entrepreneurs

Our Promote HER Business Sisterhood – of inspiring Women Entrepreneurs (WE) – has a dream that women everywhere will step into their power… and be the leaders the world’s been waiting for.


We have a dream that women will speak out about their great products, great services and great ideas… unapologetically.

  • We have a dream that women will be PROUD of the brand called THEM
  • We have a dream that women will only create brands that matter and make a difference
  • We have a dream that women will leverage their network to promote each other and spread important solutions

We have a dream that women will create more businesses that more women can rise up in.

  • We have a dream that women will get more funding than ever before
  • We have a dream that women will be independent and yet, delegate more
  • We have a dream that women will be gentle on themselves and take as many breaks, vacations and massage sessions as they need

We have a dream that women will do more than “disrupt” the world; they will “direct” the world on how to collaboratively progress.

  • We have a dream that women will stay abreast of what’s going on in the world and courageously stand up for what they believe in and be civically engaged
  • We have a dream that women will get on more Stages and be thought of 1st, so they can be bought from 1st  
  • We have a dream that “Mom-preneurs” will revolutionize what it means to be on the “mommy track”, so more women have role models of being on a lucrative, prestigious and family-friendly track 

We have a dream that when future generations think about “history’s best entrepreneurs” – they think of countless Women Entrepreneurs – and not only of men, who started in their garages.

We have a dream that women won’t stop until they leave a legacy.


Ladies… This Is YOUR Month. This is YOUR Year. This is YOUR Life.

We Believe in YOU. So, Dream BIG and Prove Us Right!

Plus, you are not alone. Our Global Sisterhood cares about you. When you Join the Network HER Way Accelerator (NHWA), we’ll be here dreaming with you!  

Network HER Way during weekly, virtual networking events with our global community of inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, who are rooting for YOU to succeed:)  Plus, learn best practices to accelerate your networking results this quarter!

Let’s manifest our biggest dreams {together}!

We’ve got this,

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l 

The Keys to Promoting Your Business

The Keys to Promoting Your Business

What are the keys to promoting your business as a Woman Entrepreneur? Here are Promote Her Business (PHB)’s 3 Fav Tips, which may make the biggest difference in your business this week: 

1) Step into Your Feminine Power

For most of history, the masculine — a competitive, strong, and results-centric energy — has been regarded as “the energy” to step into if you want to succeed in business.  And at PHB, although we agree that the masculine has it’s advantages, we encourage you to consider stepping into your feminine power more.  Why? Because your feminine power is an irresistible, loving, creative, and collaborative energy, which can help you become more attractive to your ideal clients than ever before. 

As Marianne Williamson once said: “Feminine power isn’t something we go out and acquire; it’s already within us. It’s something we become willing to experience. Something to admit we have.”  

Specifically, one way to step into the “collaborative” spirit of the feminine is to start thinking of the world in “WE” instead of “Me”.  So, instead of thinking about how you can convince, persuade or cajole your ideal client into buying your product/service… think as if you are already on their team.  

Coming from the space of “we are in this together” — and only recommending what’s best for all parties — what would you suggest?  How does a feminine, collaborative energy– as opposed to competitive “I’m going to sell you” energy– make a difference in your business approach?    

2) Network {HER Way} 

Let’s start off by making it clear that just because you’re a Woman Entrepreneur does NOT mean that you “Network HER Way” by default.  Au contraire, many women learned how to network from groups with a very masculine energy – or a very corporate energy – and participated in the same types of networking formats in one group after another.  Over the last 30 years, networking has become collapsed with a certain way of being and certain format for participating with each other.  And if you didn’t have the same, stuffy, overdone networking format – whereby everyone asks for your 1-min pitch – is scared to have 2 people in the same category in the same group – and is required to give each other referrals – it’s not called “real networking”. 

Yikes, right?!  What ever happened to injecting creativity into networking, abundance-thinking, and only doing biz with people you want to do biz with?      

Networking HER Way is breaking the mold of what networking looks like and feels like for Women Entrepreneurs.  It is being called more creative, fun, empowering, stress-free, collaborative and real.  And as a result, Women Entrepreneurs are getting more leads & referrals than ever, building more inspiring, Win-Win relationships, and feeling more authentic as they’re doing it! 

So, what does it mean to Network HER Way . . . and how can you get more results from doing it too?  The best way to learn what it means to Network HER Way is to experience doing it.    

RSVP to be a FREE guest at PHB’s next Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) event, which is Advanced Networking done HER Way!   Learn and employ “The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way”, while meeting other awesome Women Entrepreneurs in our Global Sisterhoood.

3) Surround Yourself with Peers who Care

Someone has to say it: If you are only relying on yourself to succeed, it’s way too easy to fail.  

  • Why?  Because you are too close to your business to see what you’re missing 
  • Why? Because you are most likely to let yourself off the hook and not hold yourself accountable to the little things that over time add up to the Big Results in your business. 
  • Why? Because it’s really LONELY to be a Woman Entrepreneur, and just because you’re in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself…. Get peer support, and sooner than later (from both women who understand your industry and from those who think outside of it)! 

So, specifically, how do you surround yourself with more peers that care? 

Once you Join the Nework HER Way Accelerator (NHWA) as a Member, you will receive many opportunities to promote yourself, participate in peer-mentoring, & build inspiring, win-win relationships – during our virtual “Network HER Way” events each month.  

We would LOVE to get to know you and your biz . . . and shine the brightest spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs {together}! 

So What’s Next? 

Now that you know the 3 Keys to Promoting Her Business, what are you going to do apply them to your business? 

Which of the 3 keys will make the biggest difference to your business this week?  Is your answer:

  1. Step into Your Feminine Power,
  2. Network HER Way, and/or
  3. Surround Yourself with Peers who Care  

**Go back to the corresponding section and take action, so you can totally rule in your biz!  

Let’s Network HER Way

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l