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The 12 Principles Learning Lab

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  • Leverage this month’s Principle to accelerate your business results 
  • Ask PHB’s CEO/Founder, Jōs, your most pressing questions and receive coaching 
  • Hear from other Women Entrepreneurs how implementing this month’s Principle is transforming their business 

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Move toward Biz Mastery The 12 Principles to. . . Promote Her Business

The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business support Women Entrepreneurs in having a trusted, step-by-step framework to help your business grow and evolve by working smarter, implementing best practices, and scaling up year-over-year.

Everything from:
Your Plan, Your Brand and Your Tech to
Your Networking, 
Your Marketing, and Your Sales!

Discover what doing “Business HER Way” means to you.

Attend The 12 Principles Learning Lab as a 1X Free Guest* to Uplevel your business this month! 

*This event is for Women Entrepreneurs and anyone who identifies as female.

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The 12 Principles Learning Lab
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* This event is for Women Entrepreneurs and people who identify as female.

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12 Principles Learning Lab

What is The 12 Principles Learning Lab (12PLL) like?

And how can you get the most business results from the next event?

Find out the answers to these questions … and let’s move toward business mastery, together!

what women say about learning with PHB

what women say about learning with PHB​

It has been awesome to find Promote Her Business' Learning Community. Not only have I learned new skills that have helped me Up-Level my business, but I also connected with pretty awesome Women Entrepreneurs who were on the same journey as me. So it’s like learning amongst friends!
Holly Hansen
Happiness and Empowerment Coach And Founder of Mental Spa Experiences, Four-Keys Coaching
...Every business hits a roadblock and small business owners are affected more by this roadblock, since they tend to wear too many hats. These roadblocks can be fatal if the business owner does not have a company like Promote Her Business (PHB) mentoring and getting them out of this mental hurdle... I personally know of many businesses that PHB has helped.
Indu Jayakumar
I’ve enjoyed every 12 Principles event I’ve been on and think it’s a BIG VALUE. Each month, we focus on a certain Principle, and this month just happened to be technology. It’s something I feel really strong in; I love technology. Yet, by having access to the training, as well as the Tech Audit we did, I realized that I need to go back and look at some things.
Sherri Coffelt
CEO and Results Coach, Results Partner Business Coaching/Consulting

principle of the month

In order to improve real-life application of The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business and get the most valuable real-time results from Promote Her Business membership, we focus on one Principle each month for 12 months in our 12 Principles Learning Lab. This way, we explore all 12 Principles over the course of each year, so we can pull each other up and move toward collective mastery.

Want to learn the Principle for this month with us? Join the 12 Principles Learning Lab as a Free Guest:) 

the 12 principles

Why is

Promoting HER Business

More Important than ever?

You Have Great Products & Services.

It's time to be seen. More people deserve to know about you and what you offer.

You Are Great at what you do!

Yes, you are! But even the best can get overwhelmed. The world of marketing seems to be constantly changing and you are hustling to keep up. Employ the proven resources and practices for the business mastery level you are at today.

You StRive to Be MAsterful at running your business.

You are rockin' your core strengths. And . . . you are also growing a business. Do you know how to do both really well? Are you on target for hitting your marketing and sales goals this month?

What's The 12 Principles Learning Lab like?

What's The 12 Principles Learning Lab like?

"PHB has taught me techniques about how to expand my business and how to promote my business...PHB brings together women -- who otherwise would not have found a place to be together -- in a wonderful, relaxing and learning environment."
Ana Jones
Founder Manager, PHLEX65
"Through Promote Her Business, I learned what branding means and how important it is to define it for yourself. Now branding is always on the forefront of my mind, and that’s really helped me with my business."
Debbie Campbell
Consultant, Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski
PHB has helped me on the Technology front as I’m growing, especially the suggestions to try this and try that. I can see where I mess up and where I’m not very good at tech, but I’m encouraged to get better at it. I Love that. The 12 Principles Learning Lab is very helpful.
Cici Bower
Certified Life Mastery Consultant

WHat You can look forward to . . .

Move Toward Business Mastery, Together

Learn it.

Learn each of the The 12 Principles to Promote Her Business in a simple, step-by-step way. Aim to have a small win for each Principle and a Big Win for the Principle that excites you the most. At each PHB Event, absorb the wisdom that senior PHB Members contribute through sharing what’s working for them (and what’s not). But don’t be shy. Tell us what it’s like experimenting with integrating the Principles into your business.

Live it.

Shift your focus from “knowing” The 12 Principles to bringing them to life in your business as best practices. Fully leverage the “Exercises” that accompany every powerful Principle, so you can accelerate your real-world results. Living the Principles also means moving from privately experiencing the Principles to discussing best practices, learning from each other’s mistakes, and cheering each other on!

LEAD it.

It’s time to consider becoming a PHB Principles Mentor. Being masterful at The 12 Principles is not something that happens overnight. As Richard Branson said, “It takes years to become an overnight success.” As a Mentor, you will develop your confidence that you have created successes in your business that are noteworthy and valuable. Be a role model of what women stepping into their business leadership power looks like!