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The Keys to Promoting Your Business

What are the keys to promoting your business as a Woman Entrepreneur? Here are Promote Her Business (PHB)’s 4 Fav Tips, which may make the biggest difference in your business this week: 

1) Do “Business HER Way”

For most of history, the masculine — a competitive, strong, and results-centric energy — has been regarded as “the energy” to step into if you want to succeed in business.  And at PHB, although we agree that the masculine has it’s advantages, we encourage you to consider doing “Business HER Way” more by stepping into your feminine power.  Why? Because your feminine power is an irresistible, loving, creative, and collaborative energy, which can help you become more attractive to your ideal clients than ever before. 

As Marianne Williamson — internationally acclaimed lecturer and New York times bestselling author — once said: “Feminine power isn’t something we go out and acquire; it’s already within us. It’s something we become willing to experience. Something to admit we have.”  

Specifically, one way to step into the “collaborative” spirit of the feminine is to start thinking of the world in “WE” instead of “Me”.  So, instead of thinking about how you can convince, persuade or cajole your ideal client into buying your product/service… think as if you are already on their team.  Coming from the space of “we are in this together” — and you would only recommend what’s best for your team (which includes both you and them) — what would you suggest?  And how does a feminine, collaborative energy– as opposed to competitive “I’m going to sell you” energy– make a difference in how you approach both your marketing and sales process?  

In addition to collaboration, it’s also important to explore the types of feminine power that have fueled many women and entrepreneurs business’ and can fuel yours too.  These 9 POWERS can be summarized as the power to: Spend, #GossipForGood, Care, Collaborate, Flow, Emote, Role Model, Be Vulnerable, and Create… and we go into depth on each type of feminine power in our “Your Power” Principle of Promoting Her Business eCourse when you become a PHB International Member.   

2) Think like an Advanced Networker

Before Covid-19, many Women Entrepreneurs’ strategy heavily relied on in-person events and in-person networking groups… and then, everything shifted.  We are in a “new normal” and Virtual Networking is critical to keep building win-win relationships as Advanced Networkers, especially in our climate of uncertainty and disruption.  Check out how to be a FREE guest at PHB’s next virtual event here

But what if in addition to building relationships with PHB’s global community, you also want to form even deeper connections? What if you’re longing for a more exclusive circle of friends and strategic alliances… whether that’s face-to-face via video conf or eventually in-person?  

When you join as PHB International Member  (100% virtual), you also have the option to  join or start a Private Networking Circle at no additional charge. You can then participate in an exclusive Circle of trust and support with the most supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs you know, while using PHB’s one-of-a-kind Advanced Networking format:)

Now think about your own business.  What are the areas in your business that can be fully automated and virtual versus which aspects of your business need a deeper connection?   What is a “click on” versus where do your ideal clients really need to “click with you” personally?

3) Surround Yourself with Peers who Care

Someone has to say it: If you are only relying on yourself to succeed, it’s way too easy to fail.  

  • Why?  Because you are too close to your business to see what you’re missing 
  • Why? Because you are most likely to let yourself off the hook and not hold yourself accountable to the little things that over time add up to the Big Results in your business. 
  • Why? Because it’s really LONELY to be a Woman Entrepreneur, and just because you’re in business for yourself doesn’t mean you have to be by yourself…. Get peer support, and sooner than later (from both women who understand your industry and from those who think outside of it)! 

So, specifically, how do you surround yourself with more peers that care? For one, RSVP for our next FREE Virtual Speed Networking.  In addition, once you become a PHB International member, you will also receive peer support during our Women Entrepreneurs “WE” Market Group via video conference: This online event is a combination of networking, discussing the best ways to promote your business, and asking other women for feedback on your marketing! 

4) Learn Best Practices in Marketing/Sales Year-Round 

Learning the best practices in marketing and sales year-round is critical to continually moving our business forward — and staying at the top of our industry.  For even if we decide to delegate the implementation of marketing/sales (which is a smart idea), it’s still important that we — as CEO’s of our business — understand the impetus for going with our proposed marketing/sales strategy, the time/effort/cost involved, and the realistic results we hope can be achieved. And we can’t confidently lead the charge — or relate to our team — if we don’t have our hand in the marketing/sales game.    

At PHB, we understand that Women Entrepreneurs want to learn the best ways to promote her business, and simultaneously, we don’t have tons of time to learn the low level details of everything.  Do you? We also know that many women owned businesses are lucky if they can learn 1 marketing/sales principle per month in addition to everything else they’re doing in their business, family and community.  

That’s why at PHB, we focus on just one of the 12 Principles to Promote Her Business each month for 12 months. This way, we explore all 12 Principles over the course of each year, so we can pull each other up and move toward collective mastery.  We’d love for you to join us as a Free 1X Guest at our next 12 Principles Learning Lab!  

Now pretend that you had moved toward business mastery (from strategic planning and marketing to networking, speaking, sales and beyond), and you had our entire PHB community rooting for your success.  What difference would being masterful make for you personally? What difference would it make for your business?   

So What’s Next? 

Now that you know the 4 Keys to Promoting Her Business, what are you going to do apply them to your business? 

Which of the 4 keys will make the biggest difference to your business this week?  Is your answer:

  1. Doing “Business HER Way,” 
  2. Thinking like an Advanced Networker,
  3. Surrounding Yourself with Peers who Care, OR 
  4. Learning Best Practices in Marketing/Sales Year-Round? 

**Go back to the corresponding section and take action, so you can unlock your business power!  

Here’s to promoting your business and each other: Online. Offline. All the time.

Jōs Hanan, Founder/CEO, Promote Her Business International