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The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way

Shhh… The 12 Secrets to Network HER Way aren’t your average networking tips. These are the secrets that will give you an edge to getting more virtual networking results – saying the right things at the right time, to get you more business from the right people. 

Our PHB community will be focusing on mastering 1 Secret, 1 month at a time. 

But no need to wait . . . read the The 12 Secrets pdf and apply each Advanced Networking Secrets exactly when you need them (both at PHB and beyond).

Secret of the Month

At each Virtual Speed Networking {HER Way} event, we focus on 1 Secret, 1 Month at a time. The Secret # directly corresponds with the Month, so Secret #1 = January, etc. This way, we explore all 12 Secrets over the course of each year.

*Click on the month we’re on – or the Secret that sounds most interesting to you – and read “HER Savvy Action”, so you can get the most results from applying the Secret to your biz and networking. 

HER Savvy Action: Wear a Power Outfit: One that makes you feel confident, influential and “on brand” when you Network HER Way. Start to notice how your energy and your audience is affected based on what you’re wearing.

HER Savvy Action: Use a visual trigger to raise up your energy. For example, whenever you click a video conference link, that’s your “trigger” to bounce up and down and double your energy. Stick to whatever visual you choose, so the minute you see your trigger, you train yourself to raise up your energy level without even thinking about it.

HER Savvy Action: Treat everyone you’re networking with like a Celebrity. Listen to their every word and focus on them. As Mary Kay Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, said: “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important. ‘ Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.”

HER Savvy Action: Say their name. When you’re introduced to someone new, greet them by name. This is especially important when networking online: Seeing someone’s name on the screen is different from saying it. Make sure you are pronouncing it correctly, and ask if they prefer a nickname. Saying their name will also help you better retain it.

HER Savvy Action: “3 Meets, Go Deep”! This is PHB’s Vulnerability Rule: For example, you 1st meet at a global, virtual networking event. Then at the next event you are placed in the same breakout room. You “click” so much, you decide to do a personal, Win-Win 1:1. This 3rd meet is where strategic alliances are built… on the foundation of vulnerability and support.

HER Savvy Action: Ask them questions. If your audience isn’t asking you questions, it doesn’t mean to talk more. Instead, model the behavior you want to see by asking them questions. For example, ask: What was most interesting about what I said? Or Who do you think could be interested in my business? OR What else are you curious about?

HER Savvy Action: Listen for what’s relevant. 5 minutes before networking, remind yourself of what’s going on in the world. It could be holidays, social issues, weather, pop culture, etc. Also, listen for what’s relevant during the event and adapt. Maybe there’s an event theme, a group joke, or a discussion topic, that you can reference when you discuss your business.

HER Savvy Action: Explain what’s making you stand out. It’s the why that makes your audience buy into what you’re doing and appreciate your effort. For example, I’m “standing up” on video (while everyone else is sitting down) because I’m standing up for Women Entrepreneurs getting known in a big way this year!

HER Savvy Action: Test out your memorable message. Leverage networking to conduct market research. Give others a couple choices about how you might message your business to your market. Ask what they remember and resonate with the most. If your ideal audience isn’t who you’re networking with, ask if they’ll introduce you to your ideal audience.

HER Savvy Action: Feel into what to do next. When unexpected things happen — and alter your picture of what Networking HER Way looks like — say to yourself, “This is just a test, and I’m going to pass…” because you are. There is no right way to adapt; you can only “feel into” what to do next. Trust yourself and stay positive. Staying in the game is what earns you an A+.

HER Savvy Action: Gossip for Good today. When you meet other Women Entrepreneurs whose businesses sound interesting — and you think their story or results are amazing — don’t hoard this information. Ask permission to share it, and give them a shout out from their social media platform #GossipForGood. Whose business will you promote today?

HER Savvy Action: Be there to give, not just to get, when networking. Stand for every woman’s success, including your own! At PHB, we uphold a “Request 1, Support 1” philosophy: Make 1 request to the group, and then, surprise 1 woman by supporting them before the next month. Try out this empowering process and receive other women’s support too.




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