08 Jun Boring

The other day I ran into a women entrepreneur who I had met with for coffee maybe 2 years ago, and when she saw me, she averted her eyes and said, “You’re going to ask me about my business; aren’t you?”

I said: “Of course, I’m going to ask you. You know I care, and our Promote Her Business community has been asking about you:)”
She said: “Well, nothing has changed since we met a while back. I’m still providing great services to the clients I have, but I’m struggling with promoting my business and feel overwhelmed by the behind-the-scenes infrastructure stuff. Do you think if I just get more passionate, I’ll be fine?”

Me: “No, in this case I don’t think passion is the problem. In fact, it sounds like you are only doing what you are passionate about; and passion can sometimes blind you to what you really need to be doing in your business. Now is the time to focus on the boring and intimidating and tackle it face-on.”

So the question for today is: What BORING thing do you need to check-off your list, so you can more powerfully move forward and then focus on the fun stuff?

Josephine Hanan
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