08 Jun Cheerleaders

Do the people closest to you feel more like your cheerleaders or your hecklers?

A while ago, I was talking with a guy — let’s call him Bob — who said his wife had encouraged him to do the 60 day Bikram challenge.

At first, he was doing it more for her. But then, about half way through, it became his personal mission to finish … And at the same time, his job schedule caused him to miss a bunch of days … So to complete the challenge in 60 days, he would need to do many double or triple 90 minute classes.

His wife started getting concerned for his well-being and told him he’s crazy to do so many in a day and what was he trying to prove?
Bob was stunned. He thought his wife was his biggest cheerleader — and after pushing himself to do 3 classes in one day — he thought he’d find her at the door with pom-pons!!

Had bobs wife lost her “Pom-pons”… Or was she just cheering him on for one event? And now it seemed like he had switched events?

Now’s a great time to look at the people cheering for you… do you have enough? are they cheering in the way you need them to?

And if not, are you courageous enough to have a conversation with them about it, so you know what you can count on them for (and what you can’t)?

Josephine Hanan
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