08 Jun Doubters

Is Anyone Doubting or Criticizing You? Here’s a New Way to Get It to Stop!

Yes, I’ve definitely had my share of doubters, interrogators and people who ask me things in hopes of “proving to me” that my business and/or dreams will NOT be successful…

I used to cry, feel naive, and look into taking my next exercise class where I could kick something…

But not anymore.

Now I simply say:
“Before i answer that, I have a question for you — after I’m immensely successful and my biographer interviews you… I’m just curious if you’ll tell them that I succeeded because of you, or if you’ll say that I succeeded in spite of you?

And if you want to “help me” succeed, then how about you help me come up with solutions, as opposed to just introducing more problems for me to solve?”

Josephine Hanan
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