08 Jun Have You Taken a Fall In Your Business?

(Day 48 or 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge) I totally fell on my butt –not once, but twice — during toe stand… and then had a total epiphany!!

After the 2nd fall, the instructor said she noticed every time I fell on my butt. And what if I could actually learn something from why I fell (as opposed to just be embarrassed about falling in front of the class) and try it a new way — by leaning forward– instead of leaning backwards?

It sounds obvious, but so isn’t. If she hadn’t said to intentionally think about WHY I fell and go into the posture trying something new — I would have unthinkingly done the same motion and ended up back on my butt for the SAME REASON.

Not to say, that even with leaning forward, I still won’t fall.

But the fact I’m learning from my mistakes and falling in a new way is something to be PROUD of. I’m making progress and crossing off the ways NOT to do it (of which I know many). And it’s inevitable that one day, I will be a toe stander!

I think the same goes for business. Over the past 5 years, I have fallen pretty hard — at least Three times — very publicly — on my butt.

And it’s time to stop beating myself up for falling and instead, focus on the learning and being intentional about not repeating what doesn’t work… and giving myself some serious CREDIT for now being able to check off 3 ways you should totally NOT run a business (grin)

What have you learned about yourself from ‘falling’?


Josephine Hanan
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