02 Feb PHB UnCensored: Our Evolution!

PHB’s Evolution

Although some people have called being “so real” with you on this blog a “mistake,” we, at PHB, pride ourselves on always being “real” with our members and aren’t afraid to show you our scars if you can benefit from seeing them. We think it’s critical for you to see how we learned and EVOLVED from our mistakes, so you can have a powerful framework for creating your next business evolution, by learning from your mistakes and avoiding ours☺

Idea that Went Nowhere:

Have you ever heard of the Power of Women in the World? It would be shocking if you did, because this idea never made it past me thinking about it in the shower, building a team, creating the brand, and writing manuals. I thought it was a brilliant “business idea” but really was just an idea for a very time-consuming hobby.

Contribution to Today’s PHB: It’s important to draw the line and declare if what you’re doing is really a business or a hobby, and make sure your team is on the same page in terms of their time, money and effort. From this experience, I became crystal clear that I wanted to found abusiness supporting businesses, not a hobby supporting hobbyist.

Horribly Promoted and Hard to Sell:

For the 2nd iteration – we progressed from an “idea” to an almost executed event. We called it the “Next Generation of Entrepreneu-HERs” – with over 100 people involved (as speakers, volunteers, etc), $10K at stake to lose, and 3 weeks out … NO PAID attendees! So yes, we “indefinitely postponed” the event, until we could spend the right time marketing it or until potential attendees could spell entrepreneur-hers (grin) (which has yet to happen).

Contribution to Today’s PHB: Marketing and Sales can’t be an after-thought; they have to be an on-going part of the strategy! As we retrospectively found out, names matter; it’s really difficult for potential members to buy from a company they can’t even spell or remember the URL to. And putting the best event/training on earth together doesn’t matter if there’s no one there to benefit from it.

Community for What?

For the 3rd iteration – we progressed from “almost execution” to “total brand confusion”, by over-compensating for not pulling enough off in the past. In the course of 1 year, we pulled off over 40 events with 10 different networking formats: We did everything from early morning “net-walking” to bowling to health trainings to promotion of community causes. We did so much for women entrepreneurs, and yet women entrepreneurs had no idea what we exactly did. At a networking event, a friend in a referral group introduced me as: “Here’s Jos. She is the Founder of PHB, a community which I know does a lot. But maybe Jos can tell you what specifically?” Ouch!

Contribution to Today’s PHB: Being a multi-talented organization meant being played down as a brand for being scattered and un-focused. PHB needs to know our core competency and make sure our members know it too and can articulate our benefit.

Oxymoron: Profitable, Difference Maker?

For the 4th iteration – we progressed from “brand confusion” to clear “money delusion”. On the one hand, we did a great job teaching the community that we were Ment-hering program for women entrepreneurs to achieve business results, and we either stopped or re-positioned all other events in context of Ment-Hering to avoid confusion. On the other hand, we gave away so much – yet charged so little — that our for-profit company started being called a “non-profit” and was quickly becoming un-scalable and financially unsustainable.

Contribution to Today’s PHB: From a sustainability perspective, it’s important to charge what you’re worth, because it’s fair and feels good to both PHB and our members; plus, if we don’t charge what we’re worth, we won’t be in business to support our members and make a world-wide difference. We also wanted to be more public that PHB IS a very proud, for-profit; we firmly believe that just because women are making a difference doesn’t mean they should be automatically branded as a non-profit or paid less! PHB is extremely committed to being a for-profit role-model for all our members, who want to make a difference AND get paid what they’re worth.


With 100% confidence, we can tell you’ve taken the feedback, learned from our evolution and are THE BEST VERSION of PHB we’ve ever been:

Promote Her Business (PHB) is the Premier Marketing and Sales Organization for Women Entrepreneurs (and Men who want best practices). We specialize in supporting small to mid-sized businesses, who already have great products and services and want more people know about them! Our community is very passionate having more women get known for their greatness and get paid what they’re worth! Our mission is to help you promote your business: Online. Offline. All the time!

If you are one of the countless hundreds of entrepreneurs, who has already fallen in love with our brand over the years, all we can say, is it’s exciting times because YOU AIN’T Seen Nothing Yet… until you give this year’s membership program a try:)  Check out our 30 day FREE trial membership and see if it’s time to evolve your business! 

Josephine Hanan
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