08 Jun Systems: Not Exciting But Wow Do They Pay-Off!

Having a system. from a creative perspective …It sure can get boring and repetitive … But wow does it produce results for a business.

Entire 8am Bikram class packed — mat to mat- for the same 26 poses with the same explanations -and the same high quality instructors … Day after day after day … I’ve heard and done the same thing 56 times!

And yet, Me — one of the worlds most easily bored people – is still going back for more.

Somehow clients like consistently knowing what they’re getting and can then easily tell others what they’ll be getting.

So, entrepreneurs, I Don’t know about you … But I’d rather be bored and profitable then constantly amusing myself by Changing and broke….

Powerful lesson. Thank you Bikram for your business brilliance (and for my flatter tummy)!!!


Josephine Hanan
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