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Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) is an empowering online event, where Women Entrepreneurs get seen, known and promote their biz.

Want to get more results at the event and beyond?

At VSN, You’ll:
  • Promote your biz
  • Build more high-quality, inspiring Win-Win relationships
  • Expand your global network faster.

Build Meaningful Relationships Faster

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Thursday, October 19, 2023 

11 am – 12:30 pm Pacific Time

Virtual Speed Networking {HER Way}

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* This event is for Women Entrepreneurs and people who identify as female.

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Get Ready to

Virtual Speed Networking

What is Virtual Speed Networking (VSN) like?

And how can you make a great impression and accelerate your networking results at the next event?

Find out the answers to these questions…  PLUS why other supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs are raving about Networking HER Way!

how VSN works


Invest 90 minutes. Your global exposure becomes exponential.

Learn A Network HER Way Tip.

Virtual Speed Networking is Advanced Networking done HER way! Learn and employ “The 12 Secrets to Networking HER Way” and have more meaningful and compelling conversations.

Connect 1-on-1 for win-win RElationships.

Participate in 2 rounds of 1-on-1 Virtual Speed Networking in breakout rooms. Build profitable win-win relationships faster.

Polish Your Signature Spiel

Become a savvier networker by employing the Network HER Way Tip of the month to rejuvenate your Signature Spiel (e.g, Intro) to capture more attention and create a more authentic connection.


This high-quality group of Women Entrepreneurs becomes a powerful resource for your business. Nurture new relationships into inspiring friendships and creative collaborations.

Build your Global referral Network.

If you choose, voluntarily share and receive contact info from the Women Entrepreneurs in the Virtual Speed Networking event. Keep in touch to create strategic alliances.

What is VSN like?

This is the most well-rounded networking group I've ever been a member of. There's something for everyone no matter where you are in the life stage of your business. The Events each month are always fun and productive, and I leave with new leads or referrals…
Amber Chang
Founder, Bulldog + Bourbon
I love the Virtual Speed Networking! You get to meet people from all over the world and the right people I needed to meet always seemed to show up!
Sherri Coffelt
Results Coach, Results Partner Business Coaching/Consulting
The benefit I’ve experienced from Virtual Networking is the warm family culture. With a lot of other networking events, you just give your business card but don’t really get to know people. What I love is how you really get to know these women; they’re more than just people I network with. I consider them friends."
Taylor Baloney
Founder & CEO, Find My Everything

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frequently asked questions

Past attendees have said they’ve UPleveled their pitch, were introduced to connections who could help them grow their business in other countries, and found new speakers to interview for their shows. 

Our empowering networking is soooo working, but don’t take our word for it. 

Try it out for yourself!

VSN is Advanced Networking done HER way!  It’s the opposite of the hyped-up, high-pressure networking most Women Entrepreneurs run away from ( & rightfully so!). 

VSN is not just about meeting as many women as fast as possible. It’s about leveraging VSN as a first step in building more inspiring, business friendships and collaborations… while being your unique, authentic self!    

If there was ever a reason to LOVE VSN as an introvert, this is it! Our founder, Jōs, is an introvert and she designed it. 

You can think of VSN as a really empowering version of speed networking. It’s especially tailored to introverts – whereby other Women Entrepreneurs make you feel at home. They listen, care about your biz success, and genuinely want to support you.

Absolutely. Feel free to share this VSN webpage with other supportive, purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs in your global network, because it’s always more fun with friends!

Tell your friends that VSN is free to attend, and upon registration, your guests will be added to our Global Sisterhood’s distribution list, so they can be the 1st to hear about upcoming Network HER Way Events, trainings, and opportunities to promote their business.

Build inspiring, win-win relationships faster!