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Participate in Request 1 Support 1
Each Month

It's Not Just About Getting; It's About Giving.

At NHWA, we uphold a “Request 1, Support 1” philosophy:

“Make 1 Request” per month to our community.

Then, “Support 1 Request” of another Woman Entrepreneur BEFORE the next month.

Let the Woman you’re supporting know you’re cheering her on! (Her contact info is in the Support 1 Request spreadsheet)

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Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ PHB

One thing I love about PHB is the absolute dedication to the success of women in business. I have been in many networking groups, and I have never seen such enthusiasm, coupled with focus on connecting women with other women for mutual professional growth.
Lynnea Hagen
Abundance Company: Helping organizations grow profits, productivity and people
If you are interested in promoting your business to a supportive group of professional women who really care if you succeed, then PHB is one of the only networking models that works! All Members are in their own business & many have the expertise to support the growth of each member.
Lisa Messina
Business Coach

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