Join Us for Free WE Chat Speed Networking

Tuesday, May 16, 2023
11am – 1pm Pacific Time
via Zoom

Join us for FREE: WE Chat Speed Networking

Hang on for details . . .

*This is a Special Event for PHB Members & FREE Guests, who both need to RSVP to receive Zoom link

Let's Speed Up Referrals!

Ladies, join Promote Her Business' (PHB) Global Sisterhood for virtual "WE Chat" Speed Networking!

Let's help each other "Win" at getting more Yeses and Referrals than ever!

We'll start by doing a quick, Advanced Networking training, so you can learn proven ways to spark interest in your biz and get more networking results in a short amount of time.

Then, during Multiple Rounds of Networking {HER Way}, you'll be using Advanced Networking questions to build creative alliances & referral partnerships . . . faster! 

Get Prepared ...

When you attend The "WE Chat" Speed Networking & Training Event, you will get access to the Workbook, your blueprint to Speed Up Referrals!

What to know about “WE Chat” Speed Networking & Training …

Attend This Referral-Accelerating Networking Event & Training for Women Entrepreneurs (WEs)!

Be WONDERFUL at 15 min "WE Chats"

At PHB, we encourage Women Entrepreneurs in our global FB Group to chat with each other each week - or do what we call "WE Chats". These are are quick 15 minute, virtual 1:1s using your technology of choice.

During this "WE Chat Speed Networking" Event, you will learn proven ways to make a great impression during your "WE Chat" while helping your partner feel like the time with you was highly valuable:)


During multiple rounds of virtual "WE Chat" Speed Networking, you will get paired up with other inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

Using Advanced Networking questions, you'll take a quick, impactful dive into understanding each other's business and promotion-focus, while getting to know the woman behind the biz . That way, you can be great supporters & promoters of each other.

Feel like you Both "Won" By Speed Networking

In our Promote Her Business global sisterhood, we are all about creating “Win-Win” relationships - even when we only have a short amount of time to "WE Chat"! This way, both parties feel like they’ve "won" by having a meaningful, authentic conversation, which can lead to more business, support, and/or referrals for everyone involved.

But how can you create a "win-win" situation when you only have 15 mins to chat? That's exactly what we'll cover in our quick, Advanced Networking Training at the beginning of the event, so you can apply best biz practices while networking at this event and beyond.


We're having the meaningful, "WE Chat" conversations that win-win, strategic biz alliances are made of. Only faster!

Meet new friends at "WE Chat" Speed Networking & Training and continue building referral relationships with Women Entrepreneurs post-event.

*This is a Special, Referral-Accelerating Event for PHB Members & FREE Guests

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ "WE Chat" Speed Networking . . .

I liked the quick and easy back and forth that was created in this event. I loved it so much I joined PHB while it was still going on. I cannot wait to meet more fabulous women around the world!
Aimee Biondolillo
RawFire Living Certified Health Coach & Essential Oil Specialist
I enjoy the structured way the WE Chats are conducted. It's a great methodology!
Tami Claytor
Owner, Always Appropriate Image & Etiquette Consulting
WE Chats are a great way to ensure both people get to share & share relevant info to help one another.
Casey McDonald
Revolution Financial Management, Transcendent Wealth Architect