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Let's "WE Chat" Weekly!

What is a WE Chat ?

(15 minute, virtual 1:1)

Here’s your opportunity to build a Win-Win relationship in just 15 minutes.

Get to know other Women Entrepreneurs – authentically – and then, decide if you want to set up a follow-up meeting to become referral partners, strategic alliances, and so much more.

WE Chat is about making the most out of the minutes you have. That’s why we use Promote Her Business’ (PHB) Advanced Networking Formula on the WE Chat Tracker.

The WE Chat Formula:

WHY USE The “WE Chat” Tracker

Advanced Networking Formula


Put all WE Chats notes in your WE Chat Tracker, so you can easily refer back when promoting Women Entrepreneurs.

Promote Your Biz

Tell each other one thing you're excited about promoting in your biz this month. Keep it short and sweet and compelling.

See If You Click

Get to know the woman behind the biz by asking her to share one thing personal. If you click, schedule a next meeting.

Support Each other

Let's build biz friendships and relationship capital by sharing one thing we want support for and granting each other's requests.

6 Simple Steps to WE Chat

(15 minute, virtual 1:1)

1. Get organized

Start a WE Chat folder on your computer. Download the WE Chat Tracker and save it in this folder.

That way, you can quickly and easily access it. You only need to download the Tracker once.

Just copy the Template Tab and make it a new Tab. Rename each new Tab for each WE Chat. That way all your WE Chat info is in one document.

2. Sign Up to WE Chat this Week

Use the Google Form to sign up for WE Chat.

This will put you on "the WE Chat Contact List" so other Women Entrepreneurs can reach out to you and vice versa.

3. Invite ...

Invite Women Entrepreneurs to WE Chat with you each week.

Review the WE Chat Contact List each week, to reach out to schedule a 15-minute, virtual WE Chat.

4. Agree on the specifics

Choose when, where and what tech to use.

You can use anything from Zoom to Facetime to an old fashioned phone call.

You are both busy Women Entrepreneurs, so please respect that the duration of each WE Chat is 15 minutes (for the entire conversation).

5. Quickly Interview your partner

Use our WE Chat Tracker as a guide to follow our Advanced Networking Formula:
Share One Thing Biz, One Thing Personal, and One Thing for Support.

Pre-chat, take 3 mins (max) to jot down ideas for what you want to say, so you can be more clear, concise and "on point" during the conversation.

During each "WE Chat", Be sure to divide your time equally. It's a 15 minute conversation total, and you each have 7.5 minutes to share. Take notes on your WE Chat Tracker, otherwise, conversations disappear. Everyone’s time is valuable and deserves to be remembered.

6. Decide What's Next

If you "click" with each other during the WE Chat, the next step is to schedule more time together to establish a referral partnership or strategic alliance, etc.

We recommend scheduling a 1-hour Win-Win 1:1 using our proprietary Win-Win Log
{Only NHWA Members have access to the Win-Win Log}.

This is a proven methodology to get more yesses & referrals and to best promote each other.

WE Chat

frequently asked questions

Tell each other one thing you’re excited about promoting in your biz this month.

If you are still developing an offer, you could share why you started your biz; you could share when you are launching your product, service, book etc – even if you don’t have it yet

You could share something you’re proud of accomplishing, a testimonial, or even screen share with them a powerful visual representation of your biz – for example your homepage or a new flyer or biz card you just created .

Visual is memorable! 

When in doubt about what to prioritize sharing, ask yourself: “What will move my biz forward the fastest this month?”… Share that!

It’s important to get to know the Woman the biz, not just the biz. Because it’s the woman behind the biz, who is the one who could be your client, referral partner, strategic alliance, and/or friend.

Plus, from a promotion-training perspective their personal answers can make a BIG difference in how you’re talking about your biz and what you are even sharing with them.

For example, they might bring up they’re a mom or they’re a pet lover or they are in process of doing a general home remodel. These are clues into what the think are most relevant and important in their life right now… and also what they might be most interested in having you help them make a difference in.


What’s 1 thing you could use support in with biz? what’s also 1 thing you could use support in personally?

For ex: if support w/ biz: I’d like support to grow my biz, find an assistant, figure out social media marketing, get feedback on something etc

On the other hand, if it’s support personally. Examples could include: I’m looking for a GIFT for my friend, a person to train my dog, or how to learn Spanish

And Extra credit for sharing something you’d actually be willing to buy! Let’s support & refer HER Biz! 

If you want to move from “good” to GREAT “WE Chats” . . . here are 2 BONUS TIPS to keep in mind:

  1. Have Dialogues: The GOLD in the WE Chat isn’t just what you ANSWER – but rather what they think about what you ANSWER. So, for each of the 3 areas, make sure to be clear and concise, so there’s time to have them respond to what you’re saying. Make a WE Chat a dialogue – not just a monologue.
  2. Remember you don’t need to cover everything in 1 WE Chat: We highly encourage you to do weekly WE Chats – so you’ll have no shortage of changes to be masterful at chatting! Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly:)

Consider incorporating this month’s Secret to Network HER Way into your WE chats (download your Free 12 Secrets pdf here

For over a decade, these 12 Secrets to Network HER Way have been helping Women  Entrepreneurs get more Yeses and Referrals.

For example, in September, Secret # 9 is “Say whatcha Want Them to Say” – in other words focus on what you want other people to repeat about your biz. And if you don’t know what to “pick and stick to” – than you can use a WE Chat to do some market research.

For example, during the “One thing biz” part, you could say. 1 thing biz is I’m conducting market research. Which of these 2 taglines do you like better? etc. 

So, what if your partner is stuck on what to share for “One thing personal”?

It’s your job to set them up for success and have them feel like they’re in a “winning conversation”

So, you could say “you could share something high level about yourself… it doesn’t have to be super personal!”

Then, give them some examples: It can be sharing what you did this past weekend, what’s your favorite color, or what you’re excited about doing for fun in the future…

On your “WE Chat” Tracker, Question 4 is something that we’d recommend you wait to decide on until the end of your WE Chat – after both you and your partner have interviewed each other.

Otherwise, what could happen is that your partner interviews you, they really like you and ask to take the next step… However, after you interview them, you don’t feel the same way, and now you’re already locked in.

That could be awkward. 

So, instead, wait until the last minute or so and then, mutually decide if the next step is to scheduling a 1-hour 1:1.

What Criteria Should You Use to Decide if you should move from 15 min “WE Chat” to 1-hour “Win-Win” 1:1?

Here are some common reasons Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) in our Global Sisterhood have said they’ve moved to the next step:

  • Your partner has the same audience as you, and it would be easy for them to make referrals to you
  • You could already see yourself collaborating with your partner on something
  • Your partner was being supportive and they hardly know you – just imagine how much you could support each other if the relationship was deeper
  • You really “click”, like their personality, and just know you want to spend more time with them. You could see them as a biz friend, even if you don’t immediately know how you could support each other in biz

When in doubt, feel into what you should do, and trust your intuition:) 

What if they want to take the next step and you don’t?

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do – especially if it’s at the expense of time you could be putting into your biz.

Remember: “Time is Money AND Relationships Matter.” That’s why it’s important to consider both – and not one at the expense of the other. 

Specifically, it’s important to still end on a good note, even if you don’t take the next step. So . . . Just be lovingly and tactfully truthful with them.

Whatever you do, don’t lie.

If you say, “I’m not looking for a referral partner right now,” and then, they find out that you told someone you wanted them as your referral partner, that could hurt them. Plus, you and your biz brand will get known for lying – ouch!

That’s why, it’s better to give no reason than a reason that’s a lie.

Instead of lying or misleading, you could say:

  • “Now’s not the right time and I appreciate that we did get to meet today.” OR
  • “Now’s not the right time, and If I am able to support you – or think of anyone else who can – I’ll let you know.” OR
  • “Even though now’s not the right time for me to take the next step, would you be open to me telling you what I think is interesting about your biz?“

Whatever you do, make sure it feels authentic to you, is business savvy, and ends on a positive, supportive note!

If you want to be someone else’s referral partner and they so no… keep in mind: it’s the best result for both of you.

You don’t want to partner with someone who doesn’t value your relationship as much as you do; that’s not “win-win” . . .

And the point of “WE Chats” are to build  “Win-Win” relationships and get more results from them.

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