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What Type of Networker Are You?

What is your Networking M.O. (Modus Operandi)? 

Ladies, no matter if you’re a Newbie Networker, an Intermediate Networker, or an Advanced Networker, there is always room to grow into your highest self, get more networking results, and be a role model to more people. 

Take the following assessment, and first decide if you’re: 

  1. Answering about how you network OR
  2. Answering how your team networks

Now picture you — and/or your team’s — overall networking style. Then, ask yourself the following 12 Questions to get a comprehensive sense of your Networking M.O: 

1. Are you representing yourself as “Hot or not”?  

In other words, when you go to an event or have your ideal audience see or hear you over phone or video conference, do you come across as “hot” or “not”? Are you wearing a “power outfit”, and do you sound confident and compelling?  

2. Are you more Strategic or Reactive?  

Before going to a networking event, do you set a goal about  “what it means to win”? Or do you “wing it” and hope for the best?

3. When you network, do you focus on Online, Offline, OR Both? 

Before Covid-19, many Women Entrepreneurs’ strategy heavily relied on in-person events and in-person networking groups… and then, everything shifted.  We are in a “new normal” and Virtual Networking via video conference is critical to keep building inspiring, Win-Win relationships in our climate of uncertainty and disruption.  Check out How to Start PHB and participate in 5 monthly, virtual “Network HER Way” events around your schedule, while getting additional promotional opportunities! 

But what if: in addition to building relationships with PHB’s global community, you also want to be in a more exclusive circle of friends… whether that’s face-to-face via video conference or in-person?  

When you become a PHB Member, you also have the option to  join or start a small Private Networking Circle at no additional charge. You can then participate in an exclusive Circle of trust and support with the most supportive and purpose-driven Women Entrepreneurs you know, while leveraging PHB’s “Network HER Way” formats:)

4. In general, are you more likely to be Early or Late?

As my former high school Marching Band Director often repeated: “To be on time, is to be late!”  When you get to networking events later, you are sabotaging yourself from connecting with more people if you had come earlier… 

5. Are you In the Networking Game from the moment you arrive or In Wait? 

Do you find that it takes you time to “warm up” to the event, or are you in your confident networking energy from the time you walk in the door and/or join the video conference?  Pick a visual trigger — such as walking through the door OR turning your video camera on during Zoom — to remind you to step into your highest, most vibrant energy. 

6. During the networking event, are you more Present or Distracted? 

Do you feel like you spend most of your time looking at your phone, paying attention to disruptions, and/or figuring out who you will talk to next? OR do you feel like you are listening to others as you wish others would listen to you and differentiating yourself by being fully present? 

7. Does you networking feel more like a Conversation or a Presentation? 

Are you “speaking at” or “speaking with” people?  Does your networking feel more like a mini presentation or more like a meaningful conversation?  Do you find you are listening more or talking more? 

Here’s a HUGE clue: Is your ideal audience asking you questions to show they want the conversation to continue?

8. Do you feel like you are more likely to be Approached by Others or more likely to Approach Others? 

Approaching others takes courage . . . especially when you’re trying to break into circles of people, who haven’t welcomed you in. Once you are someone who is not afraid to approach others, others are more likely to approach you, because they feel your confident energy and are more likely to be attracted to it. And when we say, “others,” we mean others who you want approaching you (not just “others,”  who see you as this introvert & think it would be easy to aggressively approach you, because you’re not talking to anyone – yuck!). 

9. Are you more likely to Connect Others or Are you Waiting to be Connected?

Are you acting like you’re just another participant at the event (and blending in with the scenery) or are you differentiating yourself by acting like you’re the host and going out of your way to introduce the people you meet to other people?  As my friend, Tony Wilkins, an Advanced Networking Expert used to say: Always ask — “What do you need and how can I help you?”

10. Are others Interested in what you’re saying, or are you trying to be Interesting?  

When you’re at a networking event, do you find that others are asking you questions and genuinely interested in what you have to say? Or, do you feel like it’s an uphill battle, where you’re constantly having to convince others, because they don’t seem to get it?

11. Are you more Organized or Disorganized both at the event and afterwards?

At networking events, does the way you pass out your business cards and/or marketing collateral look professional, or are items falling out of your purse and/or plastic baggie?

Also, after an event, do you have an organization system to easily figure out who were your hottest leads and remember what you spoke about?  

12. Are you more likely to Follow-up or Waste Your Time?

The fortune is in the follow-up and at PHB, we always say: “The more time goes by, the less likely your ideal clients are to buy”. 

For every event you put on your calendar, are you also putting time on your calendar for follow-up? Moreover, are you making sure that follow-up is being done in a timely manner… ideally, within 24- 48 hours?  

Draw Your Own Conclusions…

Now, given what you discovered about yourself, how would you describe your Networking M.O.?

Even more interestingly, how are you committed to having your Networking M.O. be?  

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Looking forward to getting to know you {& your Networking M.O.} soon! 

HER Way Works, 

Jōs, Founder/CEO, PHB Int’l