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have you ever felt frustrated with networking?

Not knowing what questions to ask

Not knowing how to get in the leagues of more Advanced Networkers

Getting frustrated with entrepreneurs just trying to pitch you

Getting frustrated with entrepreneurs who want your business but don't care about you

paying-it-forward but not getting the equivalent in return

Expertly promoting others but having them do a shoddy job of promoting you

Over the last decade, PHB has found . . .

Conducting Win-Win 1:1's
is the answer to more profitable, authentic, relationship-building networking!

So we encourage you to do 2 Win-Wins per month.

So, What's a Win-Win?

At PHB we call our 1:1’s “Win-Wins” because they end in both parties feeling like they’ve won by having a meaningful, authentic conversation, which can lead to more business, support, and/or referrals for everyone involved.

How to Conduct a Win-Win

Get organized

Start a PHB folder on your computer, and save the Win-Win Log to it.
That way, you can quickly and easily access it.

Invite ...

At least 2 Women Entrepreneurs per month to a Win-Win
(or be paired up at Global Networking Circle and/or Private Networking Circle). To review contact info for PHB Members, navigate to the below section "Arrange a Win-Win."

Agree on the specifics

Choose the location - in-person or virtual. Decide on the duration, which PHB recommends to be 1 hour, so you have enough time to go through all the proven questions and really be the best supporters of each other. (30 min duration is recommended at a minimum.) Be sure to divide your time equally and stick to it.

Interview your partner

Use the PHB "Win-Win Log" as a guide to ask meaningful questions. Turn all fields on the spreadsheet into questions. Ask the questions in order. (Don’t skip any that may sound the same.) If you're running out of time, it's ok to not get through all the questions...but make sure you leave 5 minutes at the end to do the A+ Test no matter what (see below).

Give each other your full attention

A Win-Win is a conversation (not a monologue) -- so when you ask your partner something, be genuinely interested and focus 100% on her during her turn. Also feel free to ask her unscripted follow-up questions if something sparks your curiosity.

Take notes as you go

Otherwise, conversations disappear and everyone’s time is valuable and deserves to be remembered.

Share your screen

This way your partner can see what you’re filling out and offer corrections along the way.

Take the A+ test

During the last 5 minutes of your Win-Win, conduct the A+ Test. This is a check to make sure you’re promoting your partner the way they want to be promoted. In your Win-Win Log you’ll also see the A+ Test section. (see below)

Promote each other on PHB FB group

Help her get more brand recognition by saying what you think is interesting about her and her business even if you’ve just met, and then, she can do the same for you. Use the hashtag #Win-Win.

* NOTE: Ask permission first! Some women do not want to be promoted because of compliance issues or personal safety issues.

Example: How a Win-Win Works

Partner A interviews Partner B 

  • Lalita and Betsy decide they are going to do a Win-Win in 30 minutes – 15 minutes each.
  • Lalita interviews Betsy for 10 mins, asking the questions from the Win-Win Log.
  • After the interview is complete, the A+ Test begins.
  • Lalita will explain (in under 3 minutes) how she would promote Betsy’s business to Betsy’s ideal audience.
  • Betsy, using “tough love,” gives Lalita a grade (like B+) and improvement feedback.
  • Lalita tries again … and is graded by Betsy again
  • They keep going until Betsy receives an A+ or the 15 minute total time runs out.

Then Partner B interviews Partner A

  • Then, it’s Betsy’s time to interview Lalita, followed by the A+ Test.
  • Betsy & Lalita each post about their experience on the PHB FB Group using the hashtag #Win-Win.

Your Win-Win LOG

The pies de resistance of PHB’s Win-Win 1-on-1s the “Win-Win Log.” It is functions both as a guide and a log to facilitate your 1-on-1s so that they build deeper more meaningful relationships faster.

Use the PHB “Win-Win Log” as a guide to ask meaningful questions. Turn all fields on the spreadsheet into questions. Ask the questions in order. (Don’t skip any that may sound the same.) Be sure to complete the A+ Test at the end no matter what.

Use it as a log to record your conversations so that you can remember and better promote your partner, the way she would like to be acknowledged.

The Win-Win Log is revolutionizing how Networking is done – HER Way.”

Video: How to Download Your Win-Win Log {Easy-Breezy}

{Be sure to watch the instructional video.}


Create authentic relationships

Be fully present and ask the right key promotion questions so you can get to know the real person, authentically.


Share the right information that will lead to more referrals.​


Put all Wins-Wins in 1 spreadsheet, so you can easily refer back when promoting Women Entrepreneurs.​


Don’t just “pay it forward,” also get results for your business.​

Arrange A Win-Win

At PHB Int’l events, we give Members the option to put their contact info and monthly requests into the “Support 1 Request” spreadsheet.  You can review the spreadsheet and then follow up with Members you’d like to learn more about.

In addition, if you joined a PHB Private Networking Circle, you can reach out to fellow Circle Members by referencing the “Active Member” tab on your Everything spreadsheet.  

As Jos’ Mentor once brilliantly explained: “The money is made the meeting after the meeting.”

What Happens if You Win-Win with the Same Woman Entrepreneur More Than Once?

{That’s AWESOME! Spending more time together is the secret to building a deeper relationship!}

Update Your Log Notes

For each of the questions, say what you remember about the other person’s business, so they can tell you if anything has changed this month, and you can update your Win-Win Log notes.

Help Them Get Clearer

Reach out via email and repeat what you remember about their biz. This can help them get clear if this is what they want you to remember about their biz.

Be a Better promoter

Saying what you remember about their biz can also help you better remember what they do, so you can better promote them.

Support them even more

Ask them: Are there any new ways I can support you this month?

Take Your Friendship Deeper

Be more curious. Ask more questions. Go deeper with getting to know the woman behind the biz.

frequently asked questions 

About Win-Wins

  1. During Global Networking Circle (virtually)
  2. During a Private Networking Circle (in-person or virtually)
  3. On your own in your community (in-person or virtually)

PHB Members: We encourage you to proactively reach out to 2 PHB Members/month. If you’ve never done a Win-Win before, ask the more seasoned Member to start the process, so you can see how it’s done.  

Non-Members: We also encourage you to leverage your Win-Win log to conduct Win-Wins with people who are not Members (yet). There are only 2 caveats.  

  • Learn it before you Lead It.
  • Don’t share the proprietary Win-Win Log.

Give each other your full attention.  As Mary Kay Ash, Founder of MaryKay Cosmetics, once brilliantly declared: 

“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, make me feel important. Never forget this message when working with people. 


At PHB, we recommend you schedule 1 hour Win-Wins, so you have enough time to ask all the questions and allocate 5 minutes at the end to conduct the A+ test before switching.  

Yes, you can do a 30 minute (minimum) Win-Win, but then, you’ll only have time to strategically ask about 3 questions — and do the A+ Test — before switching. 

If you’re getting to the end of time — and haven’t filled in all fields yet — say: “We only have 5 mins left, can we keep going? Or should we schedule another time to finish?

YES! At PHB, we strongly believe that “Relationships aren’t a “one and done” thing; they evolve and require nurturing and earning each other’s respect and business over time.”