Join Us for the Win-Win Networking & Training Event

Thurs March 23rd, 2023
4pm-6pm Pacific Time
via Zoom Video Conference

Get More from 1:1s!

This empowering Win-Win Networking & Training event is a great opportunity to build inspiring, profitable Win-Win relationships with Promote Her Business' Global Sisterhood.

Plus, receive referral-accelerating training and learn how to be the best promoter of your referral partners!

You never know which amazing Women Entrepreneurs will show up - or who you'll be paired up with for a "Win-Win" 1:1. Somehow, it always seems like the perfect ladies are there for each other (grin).

{{This is a PHB Members-Only Event}
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Get Prepared . . .

When you attend The "Win-Win Networking" Event, you will get access to the Workbook, your blueprint to Get More From Doing 1:1s!

What To Know About Attending "Win-Win" Networking . . .

Why 1:1's are called "win-wins" . . .

At PHB, we call our 1:1’s “Win-Wins” because they end in both parties feeling like they’ve won by having a meaningful, authentic conversation, which can lead to more business, support, and/or referrals for everyone involved.

Get Organized

Start a PHB folder on your computer, and save your PHB Win-Win Log to it. That way, you can quickly and easily access it at Win-Win Networking, and while staying organized to conduct 2 Win-Win 1:1s each month with our Global Sisterhood.

Build deeper relationships

Are you soooo done asking other entrepreneurs the same "what do you do" question and getting the same boring answers? Let's get creative and more compelling as Women Entrepreneurs!

During Win-Win Networking, you will get paired up with another Women Entrepreneur and take a much deeper dive into understand each other's business and promotions this month, so you can be much better supporters and promoters of each other.

Move Toward Win-Win Mastery

During this Win-Win Networking event, Jōs, Founder of PHB, will be giving Advanced "Network HER Way" tips to accelerate your networking, referral, promotion and biz results.

Become the Ultimate PromoterS of Each Other

During the last 5 minutes of your Win-Win, conduct the A+ Test. This is a check to make sure you’re promoting your partner the way they want to be promoted. In your Win-Win Log you’ll also see the A+ Test section.

This is a PHB Members-Only Event, so to attend . . .

Why ladies ❤︎ to Network HER Way . . .

PHB is the most well-rounded networking group I've ever been a member of. There's something for everyone no matter where you are in the life stage of your business. The Events each month are always fun and productive, and I leave with new leads or referrals.
Amber Chang
Founder, Bulldog & Bourbon
Being a part of the PHB community has been so enriching. It’s helped me gain skills like public speaking, and learn how to collaborate with other women entrepreneurs more effectively... I’m especially grateful for the amazing people I get to meet, know and build meaningful relationships and dreams with!
Rosevera Amasa
Birth Doula and a Holistic Health Coach, Simply Nurturing
PHB has made a direct difference in my business success by not only providing me a tribe of supportive women but insight on tips and tricks on how to personally and professionally grow. This has resulted in increased sales, milestones met and a newfound confidence in myself and how I work my business.
Freide Lou-Iwamoto
Premier Financial Alliance, Inc.