Jōs specializes in working with Women Entrepreneurs across industries.

  • Hone in on your “signature message” 
  • Find your authentic voice & speak with power  
  • Be “on brand” all the time
  • Design online training for your community
  • Complete writing projects that have been stalled for months 
  • Work smarter about repurposing content 
  • Stand out at Networking Events & create them

does this sound like you?

  • Does writing your own copy feel daunting?
  • Do you like writing content and marketing materials but don’t have time to do it?
  • Do you want higher accountability for completing your writing/marketing projects faster? 
  • Would you benefit from having an expert co-writer to brainstorm with?  
  • Do you want to delegate your writing, but you want to make sure it still sounds like you and your brand? 
  • Are you ready for your communications to incite a movement? 
  • Do you want to have more of your ideal audience remember, repeat, and respond to your message? 
  • Are you looking to differentiate yourself in your industry and stand-out as a signature brand?


  • “Signature Brand” upleveling
  • Top level messaging 
  • Tagline development 
  • Consistent, synergistic messaging across all sectors 
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Process Mapping
  • Signature speech
  • Website content
  • Email campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Book, eBook, or vBook 
  • Networking commercial (elevator pitch)
  • Survey
  • Training development
  • Training creation
  • Flyer
  • Event description (such as for meetup, eventbrite, etc)
  • Social media content
  • Business card

Why Women Entrepreneurs ❤︎ JŌS . . .

Jos helps me to find my authentic voice, humor, and write in a way that resonates with both my personal/business brand and ideal audience. Jos has supported me with everything from writing speeches and updating my eBook to social media, emails, interview responses, and website content, as well as giving me guidance on writing and speaking in a way that sells from the stage, when networking, and online. She has helped me write content much quicker than I could on my own and helped me project manage my marketing efforts… which is great since I’d much rather be out there speaking and empowering teens and parents than worrying about yet another writing or marketing project. Thanks Jos!
Kimberly Schehrer
Teen Breakthrough Expert, Academy for Independence
…Jos understands that small business owners come in various sizes and shapes and she has the ability to quickly assess the business in its current state and formulates a program for the business owner that will help her grow the business in a successful manner. I personally know of many businesses that Jos has helped. I will always recommend her to my clients.
Indu Jayakumar
CEO/President, LocalBizNetwork
I have had the distinct privilege of working with Jos as she is coaching me through multiple drafts to give a TED Talk of my story of why I began a college for adults with special needs through the story of my sister. She has truly gone above and beyond in her caring, expertise, coaching, and guidance. She has been so very astute and spot-on in helping me grow and implement best practices around public speaking. I’m 100% confident that because of her guidance and caring and support, I am going to achieve this goal one day. I just cannot recommend her services enough – she is absolutely the real deal, and you will get so much return both tangible and intangible if you decide to engage her & Promote Her Business services.
DeAnna Pursai
Executive Director/Official Mountain Mover, COLLEGE OF ADAPTIVE ARTS
Jos is an excellent sounding board and adviser when it came to re-designing my website. We talked through branding strategies and how to differentiate my company, the web page content, and blog writing. I can't thank Jos enough for keeping the details of the project on track and the great feedback that allowed us to launch the new and re-vamped website.
Ana Jones
Founder Manager, PHLEX65


Jōs is the CEO/Founder of Promote Her Business Int’l and is eager to support you in “Writing in a Way that Sells and Compels.” 

She is a Strategic Messaging Coach, Speaker, & #1 International Best Selling Author, who has expertise in the following: Copywriting, Training Design/Development, Marketing Strategy, Sales Training, Event Facilitation, Leadership Development, Advanced Networking, Public Speaking and Women & Entrepreneurship. 

Jōs is a Past President of San Jose Toastmasters and has won many speaking competitions (and coached other Speakers to do the same). She’s received Certification as a BANK™ Sales Trainer with a focus on compelling copywriting, created trainings for both the corporate and the non-profit world, and has put on her own Promote Her Business’ conferences and online events.   

Academically, Jōs has a bachelor’s degree in Advertising, a Master’s in Human Resources from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and has been certified as a Managerial Development Assessor. She also has a “Minor” in Women’s Studies, which is probably the most major degree she’s ever received!  

which can best support you?

Done Faster: Let’s complete your most pressing content projects faster! A combination of weekly 1-on-1 Coaching with Jōs PLUS VIP Project days to be laser- focused on specific project area(s).      

Done With You: Work with Jōs to brainstorm and co-create content as things come up each week. Jōs is here to help you get the words right and be “on brand.”

Done For You: Hire Jōs to be your custom copywriter, anytime for any project. She will be writing on your behalf and/or editing your content on her own time. 

Got questions?

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For over a decade, Jōs has specialized in working with businesses across industries to uplevel their marketing and communications, develop strong leaders, and design, develop and facilitate business training. Jōs has worked in corporate, nonprofit and academic settings, as well as worked with the government. She has consulted with Fortune 500s. As a small business owner, she can directly relate to the pains and passions of other entrepreneurs! Jōs’ Biggest Passion is helping more Women Entrepreneurs discover their “signature message” and have it be remembered, repeated and responded to.

In terms of expertise in writing, inspiring, and being compelling, Jōs has been:

  • Past President of San Jose Toastmasters and has won many speaking competitions
  • Certified as a BANK™ Sales Trainer with a focus on compelling copywriting
  • Received #1 International Best Selling Author status 
  • Created train-the-trainer and professional development workshops in the corporate and non-profit sectors
  • Put on her own Promote Her Business’ conferences, multi-speaker events, meetups, panels, and online trainings
  • Collaborated with other networking organizations on designing trainings & networking events
  • Personally designed, developed, and lead/coached Virtual Speed Networking, Global Networking Circle, Private Networking Circles, The 12 Principles Learning Lab, WE Working Group,  The 12 Principles ecourse and The High Powered Connectors eLearning program
  • Created over 15 networking event formats, 40+ marketing/sales training interviews, weekly FB LIVES, special events like Support Her Business, PHB’s International Women’s Day, Virtual Happy Hour and more…

What Else Women Say About JŌS' Coaching...

“Jos' strategic marketing and branding coaching is amazing. It's been one of the best investments I've made in myself and business. With Jos' weekly meetings, I felt motivated to keep taking steps forward. I now have a signature program and a signature talk that I would not have imagined or done on my own. If you're a Woman Entrepreneur with a vision and need to take the next step towards clarity, consistency and making money through your passion, then I recommend working with Jos, ASAP.”
Tanya Kailath
Caregiver Coach, Enlightened Aging
Jos breaks down branding into understandable elements, and she gets individuals to really look at themselves and figure out what qualities and factors are important to them and how they want their value to be perceived – personally and professionally…
Gina C.
Customer Support
Over the last six months, Jos has measurably boosted my confidence as a leader, and both my manager and my fellow team members have noticed the difference. When I first started my position as a marketing manager at a small business, I was still new to the field and fairly timid in my decisions and interactions. I have (now) developed the right skills and habits to continue growing as a champion-level marketer, and my overall happiness with my job has greatly improved.
Marketing Manager
Silicon Valley