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Brand Your Authentic Message


The Power of the Principle

Does your ideal audience really know who you are?  Do they seek you out? Ladies, this is your month to focus on both your personal & your business brand.

Learn how to brand your authentic message, be remembered for who you are, and get more referrals.

During Principle 4, you’ll be challenged to cultivate Your Brand and reap the rewards of having your ideal audience resonate with your brand.

What You’ll Learn

  • Creating your personal and business brand  
  • Taking a fresh look at your brand 
  • What it means to be “on brand” & stay “on brand”

How It Works

  • Discover who you are as a personal brand
  • Discover what’s most important to you as a business brand 
  • Play up what’s “signature” about you
  • Create your branding card to share with the world
  • Assess your brand effectiveness

Authenticity in branding requires a step by step, measured methodology that doesn’t veer from a brand’s key identity.

Debbie Millman

Results for You & Your Business

  • Authenticity: Get in tune with what being “true” for your personal brand and how you want to bring that into your business brand

  • Clarity: Get clear on what makes YOU, YOU. What is “signature” about you, your business, and what is part of your business legacy?

  • Attractiveness: Have more of your ideal audience remember and repeat what you do!

Learn it. Live it. Lead it.

Learn It: 

Explore what both your personal and business brand is and how you stand out in the marketplace.

Live It: 

Share your brand with the world in a more powerful way by leveraging your branding card and getting known for being “signature” you. 

Lead It: 

Become a household name in your industry niche and/or thought-leader for your personal brand. Have the world not only know your name, but be as in love with it as you are. 




Hang tight . . .