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       Receive More Referrals, Raving Reviews & Testimonials


The Power of the Principle

Wouldn’t it be great if more people told the world about your business?

Now’s the time to capitalize on capturing more referrals, raving reviews & testimonials.

During Principle 10, you’ll be challenged to focus on what your ideal audience is saying about your business and shining a brighter spotlight on their positive reviews.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Get More Endorsements
  • How to Increase Your Referrals
  • How to be a Great Referrer 

How It Works

  • Understand why endorsements are more important than ever 
  • Learn the 4 types of endorsements and how to get more of each 
  • Get clarity on leads vs referrals
  • Learn the most common reasons why people may not be promoting you
  • Give more referrals; get more referrals 

The Best Compliment You can give is a REFERRAL.


Results for You & Your Business

  • Social Proof: Your ideal audience is more likely to buy if people around them – even total strangers – agree that it’s a good decision

  • Credibility: More positive reviews lead to more trust in your brand

  • Sales Impact: Studies have shown that reviews can directly impact your bottom line

Learn it. Live it. Lead it.

Learn It: 

Assess how your current endorsement and referral strategy is going. Learn exciting, new ways to amplify your results on both fronts.

Live It: 

Uplevel your endorsement and referral strategy.  Be the great referrer you would want to have, and make it easier for others to promote you.

Lead It: 

Become a role model of both giving endorsements and receiving them. Create a community of raving fans, who give you great reviews – and refer their friends – even without asking them to. 




Hang tight . . .