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  Create a Strong Plan, Ma’am


The Power of the Principle

Do you have a clear  definition of what “success” means for you and your business?  Are you setting yourself up for success each week or just “winging it?” Most importantly, do you have faith that your plan will work… or is it time to tweak your plan until it is something you have more faith in? 

In Principle 2, you will be challenged to create a strong plan, Ma’am! From visualizing your 5-year plan to taking critical, short-term actions, this is the month to get your plan on paper and start letting it lead you to more business results.  

Be a part of this entirely virtual networking, learning, and marketing organization with an expanding global community.

What You’ll Learn

  • Envisioning your 5-year plan
  • Assessing the strength of your annual plan
  • Hitting your First Critical Milestone
  • What short & long-term actions to focus on 

How It Works

  • Be guided through a powerful planning visualization
  • Learn what makes a biz plan strong
  • Discover what other Women Entrepreneurs miss about planning
  • Map out how to be more likely to reach your First Critical Milestone using a simple step-by-step process

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Results for You & Your Business

  • Clarity: Craft a strategic vision for where you’re taking your business 

  • Confidence: Make decisions which are supported by a plan you trust

  • Accurateness: Learn how to more accurately set goals that you can reasonably accomplish in your desired timeframe

Learn it. Live it. Lead it.

Learn It: 

Explore how planning can support you and your team with being the best you’ve ever been… and overcome planning resistance. 

Live It: 

Schedule planning as repeat event on your business calendar.  Make it a priority to develop plans that you have faith in, and keep iterating on them until you can see the results you want happening.

Lead It: 

Become a role model in your industry niche by planning for success, and then, consistently executing on what was planned.  Show the world what bringing a unified vision to life looks like. 




Hang tight . . .