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Accelerate Your Results


The Power of the Principle

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting fast enough results in your business?

Ladies, this is the month to focus on results, results, and . . . RESULTS! Now’s the time to transition from learning and developing to being addicted to getting more results than ever!

During Principle 6, you’ll be challenged to step on the results gas pedal with PHB’s “Performance Accelerator.”

What You’ll Learn

  • How to Accelerate Your Results this Month
  • How to Elevate Your Performance 
  • What to Focus on for Short-term & Long-term Success

How It Works

  • Declare the results you want to achieve this month
  • Determine your performance level
  • Decide how to accelerate your results based on your performance level 
  • Leverage both short-term & long-term performance best practices

Once you see Results, it becomes an addiction.

Results for You & Your Business

  • Confidence: Small wins nurture beliefs that you can get BIGGER WINS

  • Momentum: Have one success lead to another success without stopping

  • Fulfillment: Feel like all your work is paying off and celebrate yourself & your team

Learn it. Live it. Lead it.

Learn It: 

Assess what your performance level is and how it’s impacting your results.

Live It: 

Decide on specific short-term and long-term actions that help you step on the “performance accelerator” in your business. 

Lead It: 

Lead the way on your team, in your business, and in your industry for being a peak performer. Make getting impressive results a sustainable part of your business culture. 




Hang tight . . .