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                          Increase Your Influence & Get More Yeses  


The Power of the Principle

How do you influence your ideal audience to say, “YES!”?

Learn how to create a “YES Game” that lifts your spirits, keeps you authentic, and gets more “YESES.”

During Principle 11, you’ll be challenged to put your YES game plan together in way that resonates with both your personality and your ideal audience.

Now’s the time to learn how to influence more people, and have them like you for doing it:)

What You’ll Learn

  • 14 Ways to Get More Yeses in 30 Days
  • The Invitation Game

How It Works

  • Work Smarter to Get More Yeses 
  • Discover What Fun’s Got to Do With It
  • Learn What to Say to Be More Compelling
  • Decide What Your Game is & Play to Win!

The ability to influence people without irritating them is the most profitable skill you can learn.

Napoleon Hill

Results for You & Your Business

  • Authenticity: Promote your biz in a way that feels good as you’re doing it

  • Skillfulness: Strengthen your ability to influence others in a way they want to be influenced

  • Attractiveness: Be someone others want to say “YES” to

Learn it. Live it. Lead it.

Learn It: 

Explore how to be more influential and learn the best practices in getting Yeses quicker. 

Live It: 

Create your YES invitation game and play to WIN.

Lead It: 

Become a role model of creating games you can actually win for your business and teach your team how to do it too. Become the person your ideal audience is in the habit of saying “Yes” to. 




Hang tight . . .